HW Automotive is a factory with 15 years experiences on producing truck parts. The mission of us is providing excellent goods to support our customers and help all of us to grow. 

We are a factory located in China, with 6 workshops in 23,000 s.q. meters.

When we were startup, there’s a US company which need a factory to work with. They were small as well at that time. We hooked up together. We supported each other and helped each other for many years. Developed new products, expanded the processing line, solved problems and worked on how to improve the quality. Nowadays, we both are growing to big companies. Currently we are supplying to several Brands in US.

Why Choose Us?

Long History

15 years experience on making running boards, we grown with our customers. There are full processing lines from tube making to packing. There are rarely factories who made tubes and did powder coating by themselves. We are one of them. 

This enable us to control the whole processing easier and more flexible on processing order. Also the quality are stable. These benefits you have less risk and stable lead time.

Strong Ability

We have 6 workshops and 1 warehouse to meet the needs of our production.

The workshop we have are: 

  • Tube building
  • Tube bending
  • Punching
  • Polishing
  • Powder Coating
  • Packing

Our engineer team will also work with you on your new projects. 

Easy Communication

Working with overseas could be headache. The different languages, culture, professional at work and etc. Worse communication will cost your a lot time and feel frustrated. 

We have a team of sales, they worked directly with our customers in US for many years. We do know what you want. 

Easy communication saves your time and helps you work smart and easier. 

Have Projects With Us?

The products we are supplying now are:

  • 3″-5″ Side Step Bars (Stainless and Black)
  • 6″-7″ Running Boards (Stainless and Black)
  • Tonneau Covers
  • Bull Bars
  • Jeep Bumpers
  • Rear Guards
  • Roof / Rear Racks
We are available for OEM & ODM. If none of our products fit you, but you trust our producing ability, we can work together. Our 23000 s.q. meters and 6 workshops are calling you.

If you have new projects to work with us, please CLICK THE BUTTON on the right to contact us!